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Window Cleaning

Available for both domestic and commercial properties.

Office Cleaning

Join our growing list of commercial clients.

Conservatory Cleaning

Complete cleaning of both windows and guttering.

Domestic Window Cleaning

Traditional window cleaners are either non-existent or seem to come round too often! We will come and clean your windows When You Want! We’ll do them on a regular basis if you wish, or we’ll just come and give them a spruce up now and again, which ever suits your needs.

We have already served over 2000 homes and continue to provide an excellent service time and time again. You can trust that we will do a good job – not leave the corners dirty or any streaky marks that tend to appear when cleaners use lower quality products. We can clean just the outside or the inside as well, whichever suits you

We serve a huge amount of clients throughout the Norfolk and Suffolk area. If you want to know if we serve your location, check our coverage section!

If you haven’t got the time, or are no longer able to clean your windows yourself – Give us a call.


Guttering & Fascias


We can make sure that the rain water that falls on your roof ends up in the downpipes and drainage system and not down the walls and windows of your house. Directing the rain water correctly is important to the fabric and long term value of your property.

Our Gutter services

  • Flush out all Gutter runs
  • Clear downpipes
  • Ensure correct water flow
  • Repair broken or cracked components, replace leaking joints , fit gutterbrush for leaf blockage


Although plastic fascias and soffits around your house put an end to rotting wood and constant re-painting, unfortunately, the plastic does get stained and dirty. The result is a sad and tired house from the outside.

Our Fascia & Soffit clean will:

  • Prevent Long-term damage
  • Maintain Colour
  • Not only that but we also offer Repaint & Staining, to help keep your house looking as good as it possibly can.


Bird & Leaf Deterrents

We understand how difficult it can be to maintain a clean home, especially when it comes to preventing pests from nesting in your roof tiles. Let us help by installing Gutter Brushes, proven to stop birds from nesting where they are not wanted as well as keeping your gutters clear of leaves and foliage.

We do all the work, so you don’t have to. From sourcing and installation to cleaning and maintenance. Your bird problems will be a fleeting memory once our tested Gutter Brushes or bird spikes have been fitted

Join our growing list of domestic clients and prevent any long-term damage to your property.

We serve a huge amount of customers throughout the Norfolk and Suffolk area. If you want to know if we serve your location, check our coverage section!

Dont wait, give us a call today and arrange a thorough clean that will help prevent any future damage to your property.


Make the most of the light in your beautiful garden room or conservatory

The conservatory roof panels will become dirty or stained over the winter and are difficult to clean effectively and safely. Don’t put yourself at risk, let us clean it for you so you can just sit back and enjoy!

We clean all types of conservatory roof and glass panels. We can come and clean them in the spring or regularly through the year, we can offer a full clean inside & out or just roof down to gutter level, whichever suits you.